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a short story about...

…classic wood with a hint of modernity-resin. This duo brings out unique and irreplaceable effects. Discover the first chapter of our furniture adventure!

For some, the table is a meeting place. For others, it is an inseparable workplace. When your space becomes an inspiration for you then nothing stands in the way to create the most beautiful.

In RESINHOOD each product is made to individual customer order. Starting from the choice of wood species, resin filling method and color, finishing the surface. We have 25 years of experience in the furniture industry. Our qualified professionals supervise every stage of production.

What makes our products unique?

hard wood

All our products are made of hard wood, which gives them a unique character. You won't find two identical RESINHOOD tables.

handmade production

The production of our furniture is based on the manual processing of wood and resin - an irreplaceable process to achieve such a connoisseur final effect.

individual orders

Each of our products is like a tailor-made suit. You can choose the resin color, shape of legs or style of top finish to create a unique table.

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Piotr : +48 690 481 988
Karol: +58 516 494 232